Friday, April 7, 2017

Lawn Boy Sponsors

Lawn Boy now sponsors a semipro boxer! He now notices that if the boxer (Joseph Powdermilk) loses he only loses $40, but if he wins, he gets HALF the prize money! But it seems like there's trouble for the business. Someone is trying to put down the business but with Powdermilk on their side I don't know how else physical power won't scare them.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Lawn Boy - Rich!

Lawn Boy is rich! His investor Arnold has just made Lawn Boy rich, because he has invested in more and more companies and now Lawn Boy has about $50,000! I think that Lawn Boy is going to give most of his money to his broke parents but I also think they might want to help in the business too! If I was a Gary I would probably just never tell my broke parents because they would maybe be looked down on. However I think when Lawn Boy does tell his family, they will be happy!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Giver Movie: Better than the Book!

Why is the movie better?👍
          The movie is so much better because it isn't as confusing and boring. In the movie it always seems to have more "color" or depth and it is so much more intriguing than the book. I can think of three main reasons why it is better. First the movie is more inspiring than the book. Second, it has more romance. And third is because the movie has more action.
          The Giver gave inspiring memories to Jonas that made you feel happy inside when you watch the movie. Especially when The Giver gives the memories of strength before Jonas would go to the memory boundary. Memories of recreation, of happy family's, religion, love, and daring excitements had you all thrilled and content. When you could really see Jonas and how much he cared about the community and wanted it to be free from sameness, it gave you a lot more hope than the book did.
          The movie also brought more romantic interest to the table than the book. This connection between Jonas and Fiona in the movie may have really changed Jonas as it is. For example, Jonas would have never have gone back to The Giver if it weren't for Fiona saying “Don't quit, you can't leave.” And when Jonas told Fiona to skip her injection, we then could see what Jonas was planning to do, which made the movie more interesting. Jonas wanted Fiona to feel love so that she could understand that the community was hiding the emotions, and so then Fiona could help Jonas. The romance in the book was more like a “I have a crush on you” sort of thing. But the movie’s display of romance strongly gave Jonas these feelings that he thought was what life was all about: love.
          The Giver book never had really any intense moments that thrilled you. The book did have parts when the elephant was killed, but it just said how they shot it, cut off the ivory, then left. The movie in contrast really displays lots of action and more feeling to the action. When the elephant was killed you felt a lot more feeling for Jonas and the elephant than when the book describes it. I think the movie is better because there is a “bad guy” that doesn't like Jonas. The Chief Elder added a big conflict with Jonas, which then added action and excitement. She wanted Jonas dead and that made it a rigmarole for Jonas to restore all memories. So really the action added more meaning to the movie than the book.
          So the movie had the most amount of commotion and excitement. It made you feel emotional but also blissful because of all the inspiration, romance, and action that added to the story in a wonderful way. The movie really brought out that sameness and no freedom can lead to no joy, drama, contentment, or even love. We need to have some kind of controversy in the world to bring it to a balance because people cannot rule the world.

Lawn Boy By Gary Paulsen

The book Lawn Boy by Gary Paulsen is a story about a boy (Gary) who gets a lawn mower for his birthday. He isn't even sure what to do with it, so he just starts mowing with it until it becomes a business. He just about averages $40 per lawn! Here is the problem, he has so many lawns to mow but with one mower, so he finds Arnold who helps him find employees. Arnold however is investing for Gary's business and so this summer of Gary's is going to just about make him a fortune.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

What Surgeries Did A Medieval Barber Do?

In the Middle Ages the surgeries a barber would do was all the things that surgeons today do. Mostly the reason they would do a surgery was because someone was wounded in battle. However they would do small surgeries like pulling teeth, and because of this, barbers were also dentist. The tools they used for their  job would normally be a sharp-bladed razor that would help with what ever they were cutting open. The barbers were also people who cut you open to look inside and fix you up and stuff.

What Education Did It Take To Be A Medieval Barber Surgeon?

In Paris the college of St. Cosme had two levels of doctors; long robed and short robed. Doctors that were given the long robe were given the task to preform small surgeries. On the other hand short robed doctors were only given a special investigation before they could do that task. This made it hard for the short robed because the long robed would gloat about it. A secret deal had been set so that the short robed doctors could get an education about surgeries from the barber surgeons of Italy. Long story short.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Nonfiction Topic: Mideval Barbers

 In the Middle Ages,  Barbers would do task as simply as cutting hair to amputating limbs. They were barbers/surgeons/dentist. A barber would take all of these tasks in a small town. They were the doctor in town. If someone got sick they would go to the barber. The barber would place leaches on their skin in belief that if the draw blood it would draw out the sickness. Imagine living in the Middle Ages and saying, "I'm not feeling quite well, I'll just go to the barber he might just cure me up!"